How To Use Split Screen On Apple iPad 2 CDMA

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Do you want to know how to use the Split Screen on Apple iPad 2 CDMA? Split-screen multitasking can be very useful on larger screen mobiles which enables you to use two applications simultaneously side by side on your iPad or iPhone at the same time. For example, you can use WhatsApp on Top Window and use Google Chrome or safari in the other window to improve productivity. Let’s learn how to enable Split Screen multi-tasking on Apple iPad 2 CDMA in this tutorial.

Split Screen in Apple iPad 2 CDMA

iOS doesn’t support split-screen multitasking on any of its iPhones. But it’s available on iPadOS so iPads running iPadOS can use this feature. We can also install an app to use a split-screen for browsing or streaming two streams at a single time on your Apple iPad 2 CDMA.

Use Split Screen On Apple iPad 2 CDMA

  1. To enable split screen feature on your iPad 2 CDMA, open the apps that you wanted to use on the split screen.
  2. Now swipe up and hold to enter the recent apps window.
  3. Now open the app that you wanted to use in the multitasking window.
  4. Then swipe up from the bottom to open the iPad OS Dock.
  5. Now click and drag the app that you wanted to use on the second split screen on to the right or left based on where you wanted it showup.
  6. Now you will enter the split screen mode were two apps will be running side by side on your iPad 2 CDMA.
  7. To resize an app inside the split screen, you can click and drag the Split screen line separating the two apps left or right.
  8. Now to add a third floating window on top, just swipe up to open the iPad Dock and then Tap and drag the app you wanted on to the Multi window Split Line where the two apps are split. Now you will have a floating third app that you can drag and place anywhere above the two split screen apps window.

How To Enable Split Screen On Apple iPad 2 CDMA – Older Devices

1. Go to the Apple App Store on your Apple iPad 2 CDMA device.

2. Then search for “Split Screen Multitasking” on the search bar and hit go. Or you can install this iPad Multitasking App using this URL.

3. After installation of the Split Screen app on your Apple iPad 2 CDMA, Open it and click on the Split Screen button to start the multi-window experience.

4. Now you can open at the top and at the bottom. Mostly these MultiWindow iOS apps only use web-based multitasking, so they can open websites in a multiscreen window but not native apps.

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5. To resize the Split screen apps you can click and drag the center line separating the two apps.

6. You can also enable Dark Mode in the Multitasking app as well on your Apple iPad 2 CDMA.

7. That’s it you can now use multi-window while browsing multiple websites on your iPad 2 CDMA or watch two live streams at once.

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