Hard Reset or Factory Reset iPhone 11 Pro

Is your iPhone 11 Pro Stuck at the Lock screen and you want to bypass it? Do you want to know how to factory reset or Hard Reset your iPhone 11 Pro?

Or do you Want to learn How to restore defaults in your iPhone 11 Pro?

Force Restart or Hard Reset or Force Reboot all refer to hard reset procedure. This doesn’t erase your data on your iPhone 11 Pro.

But the factory reset of iPhone 11 Pro is different and needs iTunes connection and will erase all your data.

Then this tutorial shows you all the methods to Reset your iPhone 11 Pro.

How To Hard Reset iPhone 11 Pro

A hard reset or force restart on iPhone 11 Pro will restart your device and refresh the software. You can do this when your iPhone is stuck in an app. This hard reset procedure on iPhones won’t delete your files.

Hard Reset iPhone 11 Pro

Hard Reset iPhone 11 Pro Using Hardware Buttons

  1. Make sure your iPhone 11 Pro is on and charged before doing a hard reset.
  2. Once your phone is On, press the volume up button one time and then volume down button one time.
  3. Then press and hold the power button down. Don’t leave the power button when you see the “Slide to power off” screen. Hold down the power button until you see the Apple logo on your iPhone 11 Pro. Now you can leave the power button.
  4. Now your iPhone 11 Pro will restart and do a hard reset that cleans up your memory and restarts the iOS software.
  5. Now your iPhone will be unfrozen and will be ready to use.

How To Factory Reset iPhone 11 Pro

A factory reset on iPhone 11 Pro will restore your iPhone to the factory settings and It will erase all the installed apps and all your data including your photos. So be sure that you back up the data you wanted.

Also, make sure you have your Apple id and password if you have your iPhone 11 Pro linked to an apple id because it will show Activation lock once the factory reset is done. Or you can remove the apple id on your phone before doing the factory reset.

  1. Download the iTunes software on your PC or Mac.
  2. Plug your iPhone 11 Pro with the PC or Mac and open the iTunes software. It will now be detected on the iTunes software.
  3. Now click on the Volume down button once and the Volume up button once and press and hold the Power button and don’t leave it even if you see the Apple logo.
  4. Leave the power button once you see the Computer Icon along with lightning cable.
  5. Now you will enter the iPhone recovery mode or DFU mode.
  6. On the iTunes software, a popup will show and ask you to either Restore or Update. You can update the iPhone with the latest software or do a Restore.
  7. When you click on restore it will restore the iOS software or backup you already have. It will also download and update to the latest iOS when you don’t have the latest software. Or iTunes will only restore your iPhone 11 Pro when you already have the latest iOS release on your iPhone.
  8. Now the restore will be done and all your data will be deleted.
  9. Now if you didn’t remove the apple id you will be shown activation lock on the iTunes software. Enter your Apple id and password to unlock your iPhone 11 Pro.
  10. You will be taken to the setup process once again like its a new iPhone setup.

How to hard reset iPhone 11 Pro to factory settings?

To restore your iPhone 11 Pro to factory settings and erase all your data connect to iTunes and follow the hard reset procedure.

How to do a Factory Reset on iPhone 11 Pro?

To do a factory reset on your iPhone 11 Pro you need to connect to iTunes and follow the factory reset procedure to restore your device with the latest iOS software. This will erase all your data.

How to reset iPhone 11 Pro without password?

Resetting an iPhone 11 Pro without a password involves the use of iTunes in your synced computer.

When to do a Hard Reset on iPhone 11 Pro?

When your iPhone 11 Pro no longer starts or when it is stuck and cannot be used, a hard reset or factory reset can be done to restore the phone to its original software settings.

iPhone 11 Pro Specifications

Your iPhone 11 Pro has Apple A13 Bionic (7 nm+) processor with Apple GPU (4-core graphics) and 4GB RAM. Your phone supports iOS 13, upgradable to iOS 13.5 Operating System.

I hope this article was helpful in doing a hard reset or a factory reset. If you had any problems with resetting your iPhone do comment below we will help you out.


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