Add or Delete Keyboard Language on Oppo R5

Changing of the keyboard language on your Oppo R5 mobile can be helpful when you wanted to use another language on your smartphone when using WhatsApp or browser. You can add two or more keyboard language to your keyboard which you can access while typing by pressing and holding on the Space bar. Let’s learn how to change the keyboard language on Oppo R5 device with our step-by-step tutorial.

Phone name: R5

Change the keyboard language On Oppo R5

How To Add Keyboard Language On Oppo R5

  1. To change the keyboard language in your Oppo R5, go to the settings page by tapping the settings icon on the Notification menu or by clicking on the Settings app icon.
  2. Next find and select the “Additional System Settings” option in the settings page on your Oppo R5.
  3. In this page, find and tap on the “Keyboard and Input method“ option or search for Keyboard and Input method on the Settings search bar as shown in the image above.
  4. Now, select your keyboard which here is the Gboard.
  5. Click on the Languages option to continue.
  6. Now select Add keyboard and select the keyboard language that you wanted to add and setup. Here I am selecting Tamil language.
  7. Now to switch the language on your keyboard, you have to press and hold the Space button on the keyboard and an option to change keyboard language will show.
  8. Now select the language you wanted to switch to.
  9. That’s it you have changed the keyboard language on your Oppo R5 device successfully.
I hope you were able to change the keyboard language on your Oppo R5 smartphone successfully with the help our tutorial.

How to Delete language on Keyboard in Oppo R5

  1. In-order to delete a keyboard language on your Oppo R5, go to Settings > Additional System Settings > Keyboard and Input method
  2. Now select the keyboard you are using on your Oppo R5 smartphone, here it is Gboard.
  3. Now click on the edit icon at the top right. And select the language you wanted to delete.
  4. That’s it, the keyboard language will be removed from your Oppo R5 keyboard.
Do share this tutorial with your friends on social media if you found it useful. Also, let us know your comments below, if you are facing keyboard language issues on your Oppo R5 smartphone.

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