How To Block or UnBlock Number on Samsung Exhibit 4G

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Blocking an unwanted Number or spam number on your Samsung Exhibit 4G mobile can be helpful when you don’t want to be disturbed. Let’s learn how to enable and add Password Unlock on Samsung Exhibit 4G device with our step-by-step tutorial.

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How To Block Number on Exhibit 4G

How To Block Number On Samsung Exhibit 4G

  1. To Block Number on your Samsung Exhibit 4G, go to the Phone Dialer Application by tapping the Phone app icon on the Home screen .
  2. Now find the number you wanted to block and click the information “i” icon for that contact.
  3. Then click on the Block option at the bottom of the contact screen.
  4. To block unknown numbers automatically do the following.
  5. Open the Phone app and find and tap the “Three Dots” option in the top of the phone app page and select Settings.
  6. In this page, find and tap on the Block Numbers option and toggle the Block Unknown Callers option.
  7. Now all the unknown callers will be blocked on your Samsung Exhibit 4G.

How To Unblock Contact Number On Samsung Exhibit 4G

To unblock number on your Samsung Exhibit 4G, open the Phone app and go to the settings and blocked number option and choose the contact you wanted to unblock. This will unblock the number.
I hope you were able to Block and Unblock phone numbers on your Samsung Exhibit 4G smartphone successfully with the help our tutorial. Do share this tutorial with your friends on social media if you found it useful. Also, let us know your comments below, if you are facing any problem when blocking or unblocking callers on your Exhibit 4G .
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