Change Mobile Network Carrier on Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus (2018)

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Changing the default carrier on Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus (2018) device can be helpful if you wanted to switch to a new carrier.

To change the default data carrier in your Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus (2018) mobile follow our step by step procedure below.

Phone name: Galaxy A6 Plus (2018)

How To change carrier scan on Galaxy A6 Plus (2018)


How To Change Carrier On Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus (2018)

  1. To Change Carrier on your Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus (2018), open the settings application by tapping the Settings app icon on the Home screen or by clicking on the settings gear icon on the notification panel.
  2. Now find and open on the Connections option.
  3. In that Connections settings page, find and top on the Mobile Networks and then select Network Operators option.
  4. A list of carrier supported for your SIM or smartphone will appear. Tap on it to change to that carrier. Make sure you are using a SIM car that support that carrier.
  5. That’s it you have changed carrier on your Samsung –>

    I hope you were change mobile network carrier on your Galaxy A6 Plus (2018) smartphone successfully with the help our tutorial.

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