Disable Glance Dynamic Lock Screen Wallpapers on Samsung Galaxy A70

Do you want to how to disable the Glance dynamic Wallpaper carousal on your Samsung Galaxy A70? Turning off dynamic wallpaper on Samsung Galaxy A70 is easy and only takes a few simple steps.

Phone: Samsung Galaxy A70

Disable Dynamic Lock Screen Wallpaper on Galaxy A70
The version of OneUI has this Dynamic Lock Screen Wallpaper which shows an automatic wallpaper every time you unlock your device and go to the lock screen. So as this feature is enabled by default, when you unlock your new Samsung Galaxy A70 smartphone you will see a dynamic automatic wallpaper on your lock screen. If your phone has less RAM memory, it might make your smart device slow. Let’s learn how to remove the automatic lock screen wallpaper from the Samsung Galaxy A70 device using our step-by-step tutorial below.

How To Disable Glance Dynamic Lock Screen Wallpaper On Samsung Galaxy A70

Follow the below steps one by one on your Samsung Galaxy A70 to disable the glance wallpaper feature. Step 1: Open the Settings page by opening the notification panel and clicking on the settings gear icon or by searching and opening the Settings App on the App screen.
Step 2: Now search Wallpaper on the Search option.
Step 3: Now select the Wallpapers Settings option.
Step 4: On that page choose None to disable the Samsung Glance Dynamic Lock Screen feature. Now the Dynamic lock screen wallpaper won’t be shown again.   I hope you were able to Disable the Glance Dynamic Lock Screen Wallpaper on Samsung Galaxy A70 smartphone using our tutorial.

Enable Glance Dynamic Lock Screen Wallpapers on Samsung Galaxy A70

To enable the Glance dynamic feature, just follow the above steps but select the Glance on Samsung button instead of none. Now the glance wallpaper will be enabled on your Samsung Galaxy A70 lockscreen. Also, let us know your valuable comments below in the comments section if you have any issues with your Samsung device.

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