How To Soft Reset or Restart Vivo iQOO Z1

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Is your vivo iQOO Z1’s screen frozen and your touch screen is not responding? Do you want to do a Soft Reset or Force Restart on your vivo iQOO Z1 without deleting any data on your smartphone or tablet?

The Soft Reset procedure is used to reboot the iQOO Z1 in situations where the device needs to be rebooted without losing any personal data or when it’s not powering on. It works most of the time to fix Rebooting, Overheating, Lagging, or Crashing issues on your Vivo smartphone. Let’s learn how.

Name: Vivo iQOO Z1

Soft Reset vivo iQOO Z1

How To Soft Reset your vivo iQOO Z1 

  1. To soft reset iQOO Z1, Press and hold the Power / Sleep button for seconds.
  2. You will feel haptic feedback or vibration on your Vivo smartphone and it will show the shutdown and the restart options screen. Click on the Power Off & Restart Option.
  3. If the screen is unresponsive, then press and hold the Power button until it restarts.
  4. Leave both the buttons when your Vivo device restarts.
  5. This will do a Soft Reset on your Vivo without deleting any of your data on your device.
  6. That’s it, you have successfully done a soft reset procedure on your iQOO Z1 device.

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How To Force Restart your vivo iQOO Z1?

If you want to force restart or force shutdown a crashed or frozen vivo iQOO Z1 device follow the below steps.

  1. Make sure you have charged your Vivo device for at least 3% to 5% before doing the force restart.
  2. To force restart Press and Hold down the Power / Sleep button along with the Volume Up button together for 5 to 10 seconds.
  3. Your iQOO Z1 device will vibrate and will start the restart process.
  4. Now leave both the buttons when your Vivo device’s screen restarts.
  5. If you have entered Recovery mode by mistake, then use the Volume button to choose the Restart Option and press the Power button to confirm.
  6. The Vivo force restart process is completed.

That’s it you have successfully completed the Soft Reset or Force Restart procedure on vivo iQOO Z1.

Hope this tutorial was helpful in fixing your unresponsive iQOO Z1. Kindly leave your valuable comments below.

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