How To Check IMEI number on Vivo X6

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IMEI number can be used for checking your device’s warranty and other information of your Vivo X6. Let’s learn how to do a vivo IMEI check.

Do a IMEI check on X6

Let’s learn the two methods to check the IMEI number on vivo X6.

1. How to Check Vivo IMEI number on vivo X6

  1. Open the Settings app on your Vivo X6.
  2. Then choose About phone option and tap on the Status option.
  3. Then select the IMEI information to get the Vivo IMEI number of X6.

Note: If your phone supports dual sim, it will have two IMEI numbers assigned to each SIM slot.

2. How To Check X6 IMEI with dialer

Follow the below steps do a Vivo IMEI check with the phone dialer app.

  1. Open your Vivo Phone dialer app on X6.
  2. Then type in *#06# to get the IMEI information.
  3. Then you can Tap and hold to Copy the Vivo IMEI serial number.

Hope you were able to view and copy the Vivo IMEI number on your vivo X6 device.

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