How To Increase RAM memory On Xiaomi Poco F5

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Increasing the amount of RAM memory on your Xiaomi Poco F5 will keep your Xiaomi device running fast and smooth when you open many apps at the same time during multitasking. In your Xiaomi Poco F5 you can increase RAM size when you are running Xiaomi MIUI 10 to the latest MIUI 15.

Let’s learn how to get the extra RAM memory on Xiaomi Poco F5 in Xiaomi UI 2.0 and 3.0 firmware.

Increase RAM on Xiaomi Poco F5

How to increase RAM On Xiaomi Poco F5 in Xiaomi MIUI ( Android 11 or 12)

1. To increase your RAM capacity in the Xiaomi MIUI version on your Xiaomi Poco F5, unlock your phone and swipe up on the home screen to access the App list.

2. Now find and open the Settings App on your Xiaomi Poco F5.

3. Then scroll down till the last and select the Additional Settings option as shown in the screenshot below. Or Search for RAM at the top of the Settings App Search Bar.

Increase ram in Poco F5 step 1

4. Now inside the additional settings window, click on the Memory Extension option, you will see the settings to increase the RAM on your Xiaomi Poco F5.

Increase ram in Poco F5 step 2

5. Now click on the Memory Extension toggle button to switch it on and set up how much amount of RAM you want it expanded by scrolling the 1GB to 3GB slider if provided on your Poco F5 phone. Or the default 1Gb memory will be added to your RAM as expansion.

Increase ram in Poco F5 step 3

6. Now you will be promoted to restart your Xiaomi Poco F5 for the RAM expansion to take effect. Click on Reboot button.

7. After restarting of your Poco F5, a part of your storage will be used as RAM and the RAM memory will be expanded so background apps don’t close often.

8. That’s it, you have successfully expanded the RAM memory on your Xiaomi Poco F5 smartphone.

Xiaomi Poco F5 Frequently Asked Questions:

How to disable RAM expansion on Xiaomi Poco F5?

1. On your Xiaomi Poco F5 device, in order to disable RAM expansion, go to the Settings app and choose the Additional Settings option.

2. Now tap on the Memory Extension toggle to disable the Memory expansion feature.

Increase ram in Poco F5 step 5

3. Now tap on Reboot button to reboot it.

Also, let us know in the comments section below if you face any other issues while increasing the amount of RAM available in your Xiaomi Poco F5.

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