How To Download A Video From Facebook – Top 3 Ways

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Do you like to download a video from your Facebook feed. Here are top ways you can download a video from Facebook

How to download video from Facebook to computer online

Step 1: Make sure you are logged into Facebook or you cannot download the video. If not logged in then Open Facebook and login to your account

Step 2: Go to the Facebook video that you want to download .

Step 3: Check that video is available to the public so that you can download it. To do that simply hover the world icon below the video title and next to video publish time to check whether the video is public or is it private and only shared to you.

Step 4: You will see a lock or a two person icon instead of the globe if the video is private so you cannot download those private videos.

Step 5: Play the video and follow the below steps based on your operating system

On windows :

Simply right click on the video multiple times until you see a drop down menu

On Mac OS :

Hold down Ctrl Key and then right click on the Facebook video to see the drop down menu. You might have to click several times in order to see the drop down.

Step 6: Then choose Show the URL

Step 7: Copy that URL and paste it in a Facebook Video Downloader to download the Facebook video.

How to download Facebook videos without software

You just can’t download a video from Facebook online without using some kind of online or offline software like IDM (Internet Download Manager)

How to download private Facebook videos

If the video that you are trying to download from Facebook is made private ( Not available for public ) then you cannot download it.

How to download videos from Facebook to iPhone

iPhone restrict users to file management so its hard to download videos directly from the Facebook mobile app to your iPhone storage.


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