Install Fortnite on Moto G6, G6 Plus, G6 Play

Motorola phones are becoming the best budget smartphones with good build quality. Let’s see whether you can play fortnite on the Motorola G6 series of smartphones.

Fortnite is developed by Epic Games and quickly become the top played multiplayer online game. It is offered for free on Windows PC, mac’s, Android, and iOS devices.

In this guide, we will provide complete steps for downloading and installing Fortnite on the Moto G6 series of android phones. Let’s learn how to get Fortnite for your Moto G6.

How to install and play Fortnite on Moto G6, G6 Plus, G6 Play

  1. On your Moto G6 series smartphone,  visit open the Play Store app and search for the Fortnite app.
  2. Click on the download button if it’s available.
  3. If not the Epic Games website Fortnite mobile game page here or visit this URL if you are already using your Moto mobile.
  4. Click on the download option to download the Fortnite.apk file from the epic games store website on Moto G6 mobile phone.
  5. A warning will appear asking to go ahead with the download. Click on Allow access and download it.
  6. Go to Settings > Apps & notification Option >Choose Advanced settings option.
  7. Then Click on Special app access >> Install Unknown apps and choose the Epic Games launcher App.
  8. Now enable the Allow from this device to install EpicGamesApp.apk files from this provider.
  9. Click on the fortnitelauncher.apk file downloaded on your Moto G6 and install it.
  10. After installing open it. Now the Fortnite launcher will download and install the game on your Moto G6 device.
  11. Now you can play and enjoy the awesome Fortnite multiplayer experience on your Moto G6 series.

Hope you were able to install and play fortnite on your Moto G6 series smartphone. Let us know in the comments below if you face any issues with downloading and installing fortnite on your device.

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