Audible Cloud Player – Listen to Audiobooks on Mac, Windows

Last Updated on September 10, 2020

What is Audible Cloud Player

Audible Cloud Player is a player that is available on the cloud that allows you to play an audible on your mac or windows computers.

Let’s learn how to access and use the Audible Cloud Player.

Audible Cloud Player Download

You cannot download the Audible Cloud Player as its a web based player.

How to Use Audible Cloud Player on browser

Login to website and login with your amazon account using Google Chrome , firefox or any other browser on your Windows or mac computer.

Then go to library page to view your Audible library.

Now click on the Play Button in orange color to start playing the audible book using the Audible Cloud Player.

Now you can use the Audible Cloud Player to pause or go forward or backward.

Also you can skip 30 seconds forward or backward using the skip options.

You can click on the Chapters option to switch Chapters you want to listen to.

That’s it hope you were able to learn how to use the Audible Cloud Player to listen to audiobooks online using browser on your computer.

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