How to get subtitles for movies automatically in VLC

To automatically get subtitles in VLC for movies and tv series, then you can simply get it by downloading an add-on knows as VLsub. VLSub is the best add-on for its usefulness. when it’s done downloading and installing the plugin.

Download the VLC Subtitles addon here

Now all you need is access to the internet and will show you a list of subtitles that it has found after that you can choose the best-suited one for you.

So how does the VLsub works once installed it can be found in the drop-down menu under VIEW > VLSub. Now open the Add-On and search the criteria either by using Search by a hash or by name and there you go the results will show up. It will show the results of popular subtitle providers based on the search criteria. Just select the best matching one for your video/Movie and the subtitle will start loading.

Download subtitles for movies and Tv Show automatically in VLC

NOTES: This only works on VLC version 2.2 or above VLC 3 for it to work.

STEP 1: Open Up the VLC Media Player > View > VLsub Or Subtitles it may vary

STEP 2: Now after selecting the VLsub a popup will appear. Now type your movie/Tv series title in the title bar and click on search by name.

STEP 3: Now after that, the results will show up. Now choose your language subtitle and click on the one you prefer and press download Selection.

STEP 4: When the downloading of the subtitle is done you can now load it and watch your Tv series/movies in your preferred language subtitle.

Why are subtitles not working on VLC?

when playing a video of any sort the subtitles may not be always ON, in order to display the subtitle you need to navigate to the Subtitle > Subtitle Track and choose the proffered subtitle of your choice. Now the video will have its subtitles.

How do I show subtitles in VLC?

If you have a subtitle file inside your Video that you have downloaded you can enable the subtitles in the Subtitle menu bar options.

Why is VLC not downloading subtitles?

For VLC to download your subtitle properly. First, you need to connect to the internet and have a connection speed above 1mbps. On Android the VLC media player finds your caption online, so make to turn on your internet data or wifi.

How do I put subtitles automatically on VLC Android?

For Android VLC Media Player, You need to load your movie of choice and navigate to the audio tracks > subtitle button. After that click on it, now the android will automatically download and load your subtitles for the movie/tv series.

How to Automatically load subtitles in VLC on PC.

STEP 1: Load the movie or series that you need the subtitle for. Then Navigate to View in the menu bar.

STEP 2: Open up VLsub (if you don’t have it installed follow the above steps).

STEP 3: After successfully opening the VLsub add on your movie title will be displayed in the title bar.

STEP 4: Now all you have to do is hit the SEARCH BY NAME or SEARCH BY HASH Since VLC has already got the hash key for the video.

STEP 5: Now if you used Search by hash feature the VLC will automatically find the best on for the video.

Final Step: If you used the search by name feature you need to choose the subtitle that you wanna downloading by clicking on the download selection button

I hope you were able to get the subtitles for your movie or tv series automatically by following our tutorial.

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