How to Change Boot Animation in Android

Boot animation on your phone is the same animation you see every time you start or reboot your smartphone. You can change it easily in the android operating system.

First, you have to download the boot animation file you like or you can create a custom boot animation from videos. Then you can change the boot animation using the below methods.

After you have the new file downloaded or created by yourself using a video, you have to upload the file into a certain folder and replace it with the new animation file to make the booting animation change.

You can download from a variety of already created boot animation you like from websites like

Let’s see how you can do that.

  1. Change Boot Animation using Android File manager
  2. Change Boot Animation using Boot Animation Changer Root App

Change Boot animation Using File manager

1. After you have created or downloaded the file

2. Open your File manager app on your smartphone

3. And go System folder and choose the Media Folder.

4. Then find the original file and click on the file and rename it to something different like file. Don’t delete the file as you can restore to the original boot animation if you keep the file and just rename it.

5. Now go to the location of your new file you have downloaded and copy and paste it inside the Media folder were the original animation file is located.

6. Now long press on the new bootanimation file and give the following permissions and save it.

7. Now reboot your device to see your new boot animation.

If you wanted to revert back to original boot animation simple rename the file to something new and rename the file to Now your original boot animation will be used.

Using Boot Animation Root Application

1. If your smartphone is rooted, download the Boot Animation SuperUser App from the google play store.

2. Open the app and choose the Menu option and Choose the Backup / Restore option.

3. Now backup your old bootanimation file using the backup button. Now you can restore your old bootanimation by clicking on the Restore button at any time.

4. Browse the folder where your new bootanimation file is located. If the name of your new file is like rename it to file.

5. Then long click on the file and install it.

6. Now restart your phone to see the latest boot animation.

I hope you were able to successfully change boot animation on your android device. Do let us know in the comments below.

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