How To Change Music Streaming Quality in Spotify

Sometimes the quality of Music Playback on Spotify will be low even though your internet connection can support high quality audio playback.

Let’s learn how you can change the music streaming quality on Spotify on Mobile and Desktop manually.

Change Music Streaming Quality on Spotify Mobile App

  1. Open your Spotify Mobile App on your iPhone or Android Phone.
  2. Tap on Home option.
  3. Then choose the Settings option.
  4. Select Music Quality and Choose your Audio Quality
  5. You can set up two different types of Music Quality for Offline ( For download ) and Online ( For Streaming Music Online ).
  6. Automatic – Chooses any of the below Audio Quality settings depending on your Network Speed.
  7. Low – Stream Spotify Music at 24 kbit/s
  8. Normal – Stream Spotify Music at 96 kbit/s
  9. High – Stream Spotify Music at 160 kbit/s
  10. Very High – ( Premium Members Only ) – Stream Spotify Music at 320 kbit/s

How To Change Music Quality On Spotify PC

  1. Open your Spotify PC windows or mac desktop application.
  2. Click on settings icon and select Music Quality
  3. Then choose the music audio quality between low, normal, high and very high settings based on your preference.
  4. Now you have successfully changes the streaming quality of Spotify music on PC.

Hope you were able to change your music playback quality on spotify using our tutorial.

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