Create Bootable Bitdefender Rescue Disk in Windows

A bootable Bitdefender Rescue Disk may be helpful in fixing virus or malware infected systems which cannot be booted into or it’s risky to boot.

Bitdefender has created software called Stickifier to create this bootable Bitdefender rescue disk.

How To Create Bootable Bitdefender Rescue Disk in Windows

1. Download the file from this archive URL because Bitdefender Rescue Disk has been discontinued in 2019.

2. Open the file and run the program.

3. Then download the bootable iso image file from here bitdefender-rescue-cd.iso from here

4. Now write the ISO image file on to your USB drive using the software Stickifier or any ISO to USB software.

5. Now you can boot your system and select the boot drive as your USB Pendrive.

6. The Bitdefender rescue will start and you can scan your computer drivers and remove viruses and malware.

Hope you were able to create a Bootable Bitdefender Rescue Disk in Windows.

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