Cut / Trim Videos in VLC Media Player

Many people don’t know that you can actually cut videos using VLC media player. VLC has many features that are unknown for many users like VLC media player can also play online youtube videos on VLC without downloading.

VLC Media Player also comes with some video editing features built into it. It may not be the most advanced video editing tool but it is sufficient for many normal users.

VLC media editing tool can be helpful to cut video or trim existing videos but this function is not out of the box so you have to enable a few things to make it work.

You can also cut parts of a video easily using the VLC player’s inbuilt options. Let’s learn how we can do that step by step. This tutorial works for trimming videos on VLC in Windows 8, Windows 10, macOS.

How To Trim Videos in VLC player

1. Open VLC media player on your computer. Before you can cut a video in VLC go to Video Options and enable the video editing options by selecting the Advanced Controls Menu Settings. You will see a tick mark like the below image when it’s enabled.

Cut Videos with VLC player

2. When the advanced control is available, you will see extra recording buttons near your normal player buttons on your screen like below.

Cut Videos with VLC settings

3. Open that video on the VLC player that you wanted to cut a portion of.

4. Scroll to the starting time of the video where you wanted to start the cut for your video. Here I am scrolling to 12:11 time.

5. Now when you are at the start of the video press on the red record button.

Trim Videos on VLC

6. When you are at the endpoint where you want to end the video, press the red record button again to stop the cut process. Here my end time is 25:12.

Cut or Trim Videos on VLC media player

7. It will be saved in the videos folder. Now you have successfully trimmed a video clip from a larger video just by using VLC inbuilt settings.

How to Cut / Trim Video in VLC easily using VLC hotkeys

You can also easily create short video clips from a video in VLC by using VLC Editing Shortcut hotkeys. Follow the below steps.

Step 1: When you are at the start of the video to be cut press the Shift + R button this will be the start of the trimmed video.

Step 2: When you are at the end of the video press the Shift + R button again. This will be the end of the trimmed short video.

VLC Trimmed Video Save folder Location:

Your trimmed video will be saved under the “My Videos” folder in Windows 10.

If you are using Windows 7 operating system it will be saved under the C:\Users\Username\Videos directory.

How to cut video in VLC player in Android

As of right now, you cannot cut video using the VLC media player app on android. We will update this post if this feature is added to the VLC mobile app in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions :

Is VLC a video editor?

No, it’s a Video player but has some Video Editing tools built into it so you can easily cut or trim video.

How To Trim Video in VLC on Mac?

Yes, VLC player can trim video on a macOS device too. Only the user interface is a little different from the Windows version of VLC.

Can VLC cut video?

Yes, the VLC player can be used to cut videos or trim videos by using the advanced controls in VLC.

How do you crop a video in VLC and save it?

Cropping a video is easy, use the VLC editing tool to crop or cut a video and save it on your computer.

I hope you were able to trim a part of a video using the VLC player options by following our tutorial above.

Let us know in the comments below if you have any issues with the VLC player while trimming videos. Do subscribe for more helpful tips.

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