Cut Videos with VLC Media Player – Latest Guide 2020

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Many people don’t know that you can actually cut video using VLC media player. VLC has many features that are unknown to many users. VLC media player can play youtube videos also.

VLC media players also come with some video editing features built into it. It may not be the most advanced video editing tool but it is sufficient for many normal users.

VLC media editing tool can be helpful to cut video or trim existing videos.

You can cut parts of a video easily using the VLC player inbuilt options.

Cut Videos Using VLC player :

Step 1: Open VLC player and go to Menu Advanced Settings.

Step 2: Now you will see extra recording buttons near your normal player buttons on your screen.

Step 3: Open your video that you want to cut

Step 4: Scroll to the time of the video that you want to start the cut or trim.

Step 5: At the start of the video press on the red record button.

Step 6: When you are at the endpoint where you want to cut the video press the red record button again

Cut video easily using hotkeys :

You can create short clips from video using VLC using VLC hotkeys

Step 1: When you are at the start of the video to be cut press the Shift + R

Step 2: When you are at the end of the video press the Shift + R button again.

Your trimmed video will be saved under the “My Videos” folder in Windows 10.

On Windows 7 it will be saved under the C:\Users\Username\Videos

I hope you will be able to trim videos using the VLC player options.

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