How to Disable Active Desktop Recovery in Windows XP

On the Windows XP operating system, the Active Desktop Recovery features help to restore the desktop of the OS when it crashes.

Like when you are browsing using the Internet Explorer and it suddenly crashes and restarts this Active Desktop Recovery screen helps to recover the open applications that were open before.

Windows XP Active Desktop Recovery

This error shows an Active Desktop Recovery page along with a Restore My Active Desktop button.

When this problem occurs the wallpaper won’t be showing up and the desktop will look weird.

But sometimes this feature can cause a problem on your Windows XP computer. So let’s learn how to disable it.

Disable Active Desktop Recovery on Windows XP

  1. Click on the start button and choose the Control panel.
  2. After the control panel window opens choose the Appearance and Themes and choose the Display option.
  3. Then choose the Display Tab inside the Display Properties window.
  4. Now click on the Customize Desktop button at the bottom left of the window.
  5. Then Choose the Web Tab on the Display Items window and uncheck the checkboxes under the Web pages list and click on the Ok button.
  6. That’s it you have disabled the Active Desktop Recovery on Windows XP.

Do let us know if you are still facing the desktop recovery issue on Windows XP in the comments section below.

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