Disable Tablet PC Input Panel in Windows 7

You can use a tablet input device to input text on your computer by using the Tablet PC input panel feature. With the Tablet PC input panel, you can convert your handwriting into text.

But sometimes you want to disable this panel from showing up always on the screen. Let’s learn how you can disable the Tablet PC input panel on your Windows computer

How to Remove Tablet PC Input Panel

  1. On your Tablet PC Input Panel choose the Tools > Options settings.
  2. Then Choose the Opening Tab at the top.
  3. Then uncheck the “Use the Input Panel tab” option under the Choose Where to show the Input panel icons and tab.
  4. This will make the Tablet PC input panel disappear from your windows screen.
  5. Then click on the Apply button and then click on Ok Button.


How do I turn off the tablet pc input service?

The Tablet PC input service can be turned off by closing the program on startup or you can hide the program in the toolbar using our tutorial.

How To Disable tablet pc input panel windows 7?

On Windows 7, open the Tools > Options settings panel on the tablet pc input panel and disable the Use the Input panel tab option on the Show Input panel icons and tab option.

That’s it you have removed the tablet pc input panel on your windows computer. Do let us know in the comments below if you face any issues.

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