How to Turn Off Notification Sounds in Windows 10

When you change the Volume on Windows 10 you will hear a notification sound that might not be pleasant to hear all the time when you change the volume on your computer.

Let’s how you can turn off this Notification sound it change it to a new one or completely turn all notification sounds off you can also do that.

How to Turn Off Notification Sounds in Windows 10

1. Go to the Settings app on your Windows 10 computer. And then choose the Sound settings option.

2. Now click on the Sound Control Panel option on the related Settings on the right side like in the screenshot below.

3. The Sound Control panel will open. Now Choose the Sounds tab at the top.

4. And Click on the Sound Scheme dropdown option as shown in the screenshot below.

5. Now choose the No Sounds option if you wanted to turn off all the notification sound in your Windows 10 computer.

6. Now click on the Apply button at the bottom for the changes to take effect. Now you won’t hear any sound when you change the volume using the slider in the Windows tray.

7. I turned everything off in this tutorial. You can also choose to turn off some of the notification sounds and keep some notification sounds turned on as well.

In the next tutorial we will learn how to change notification sound instead.

Hope you liked our tutorial do share it with friends on social media if you found it helpful. Also let us know in the comments below if you are facing any issues when disabling notification sounds on your Windows 10 computer.

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