How to Enable or Disable Plugins or extensions in Opera Browser

You can easily install opera browser extensions because opera is now using Chromium as the base engine. Opera now have access to all the chrome extensions available in the chrome extension store you can download opera extensions here.

You cannot access the extension page or plugin page on opera easily from the settings panel. You have to use a shortcut method to access the plugin page. By default you will be able to access the flash player plugin settings only in the settings option in the latest browser.

Let’s learn how to enable or disable opera plugins or extensions.

How to enable Opera Browser plugins or extensions

1. Open Opera browser and open a new tab and type in opera://plugins or opera://settings/content/flash if you are using an older version of opera browser or opera://extensions for newer versions and press the enter button. You will be taken to the plugins page in the old version or extensions page in the latest release of opera.

2. On your extensions page you can see all the plugins installed and activated like in the screenshot below.

3. In order to disable the extension or plugin you can click on the Disable button shown below each extension. You can also use the toggle button to the right side of the extension to enable or disable the plugin.

4. If you want to enable a plugin or extension, you can click on the enable button below the extension for the enabling extensions like the Opera Ad Blocker mentioned in the screenshot.

Hope you were able to enable or disable the specific plugin you wanted in your opera browser.

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