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How To Find & Add Steam Friend Codes

For adding a friend of Steam manually, you need to enter the steam friend code. Finding a Stream Friend code on steam takes a few steps. Let’s learn how you can find steam friend codes and add steam friend codes with our tutorials below.

What are Steam Friend Codes?

Steam Friend Codes are 8 digit codes that can be found inside the steam application which you can use to send to your friends instead of your Username to make adding friends easy.

How to Find Steam Friend Code in Steam App

1. Open Steam Application on your computer and log in to your Steam account.

2. After logging in, click on the Friends & Chat button on the bottom right corner of the app as shown in the screenshot below.

3. Now a pop-up window will show up. Here you have to click on the Add a Friend icon ( Profile icon with Plus symbol ).

4. Another window will open where you will find your Friend Code which you can Copy by clicking on the Copy button.

5. Now you can send that code to your friend to connect with you easily by entering the Code on his Add a friend page.

How to Find Steam Friend Code in Steam community Website

1. If you wanted to get the friend code via the steam website follow the tutorial below.

2. Log in to your Steam account at steamcommunity.com on your favorite browser and click on Profile Name in the top menu and choose the Friends option.

3. Then Click on the Add a Friend green button. Now you will be presented with the Your Steam Friend Code which you can copy.

4. Now you can send this Friend Code to your friend so he can invite you to connect via the Invite friend using the friend code option.

5. Or you can go directly to the URL below replacing the username with your own username https://steamcommunity.com/id/username/friends/add

How to Add Steam Friend Codes

If you got a steam friend code, you can click on the Friends & Chat, Go to the add a friend page by clicking on the Add a friend icon.

Then paste the Steam friend code you received into the Enter a friend Code field as shown in the screenshot below.


I hope you were able to find your steam friend code using our detailed tutorial. Let us know in the comments below if you found this helpful.

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