Fix Roblox Error Code 106, 110, 116 on Xbox One

If you are one of many Roblox lovers who love to create or modify games your own self, but are recently facing some issues due to errors like 106, 110, 116 on Xbox One, we have some easy solutions for you. 

How To Fix Roblox error code 106, 110, 116 on Xbox One

Let’s learn how to fix these Roblox error codes one by one.

Fix Roblox error code 106

Step 1: Use any device like a mobile or laptop to logon to Roblox’s website with your login details.

Step 2: Add your friend to your built-in friend list after logging in to your account.

Step 3: You can easily find your friend in the Search “friend account name” under the Players menu.

Step 4: Your friend will need to login into his own account and then accept your request before this error goes away.

Step 5: Logout of the Roblox account on your computer and log in again on your Xbox console.

Step 6: Check if your friend is added if not You can also click on the game tag of your friend to add him on Xbox console.

Step 7: After adding your friend to your friend list this problem will be gone!

Fix Roblox error code 116

This error occurs when you are trying to play a game via the Xbox Console App. It will display the Error Code: 116. To fix this follow the below steps.

Step 1: Click on the Xbox home button.

Step 2: Go to Settings, and then to All Settings. (You can press A to reach All Settings)

Step 3: Now select the Account option from the menu by using the left thumbstick.

Step 4: Find your way to the Privacy & Online safety option and click on the A button on your controller to enter it.

Step 5: Now navigate to the Xbox Live Privacy >> View details & customize option and then press the A button to confirm.

Step 6: On the forthcoming screen, you’d find the Game content menu.

Step 7: Select You can see and share content option.

Step 8: Change the menu to Everybody from the block setting.

Step 9: Close the Roblox application manually. Re-open to play without any error code 116 on Roblox.

Fix Roblox error code 110

This Roblox error code 110 happens in the Xbox console and also on the Xbox App on Windows. This error usually arises due to some problem with the internet connection, privacy settings, or the server connection.

Step 1: The Roblox server must be checked as it could be temporarily down, or might be banned at your location. You can check this at, the official website.

Step 2: Check for any content restrictions that you have applied to your network connections. You might be doing this to protect safety and privacy from spyware or fraud, but it might become an issue and manifest as error 110.

Step 3: Check your own internet connection if it is working fine. An interrupted connection can sometimes cause this error to appear.

After this the error code 110 on Roblox game will be fixed.

I hope you were able to fix any Roblox error codes with our tutorial. We will update if we find any other error codes and how to fix them.

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