FIX “The library, drive or media pool is empty” error

This error occures when you are trying to copy media or files from your connected smartphone or Camera to your Computer using the MTP connection or PTP connection.

This “The library, drive or media pool is empty” popup error occurs mostly when copying a corrupted photo or video from your camera or smartphone. This also stops the copying process and you cannot skip it to continue copying the files.

How Fix The library, drive or media pool is empty

Let’s learn how to fix this issue.

  1. Instead of copying the Whole DCIM folder from your smartphone or camera copy only the files inside the DCIM folder.
  2. Now create a New folder on your computer and paste the copied files there.
  3. Now when the error occurs and the popup “The library, drive or media pool is empty” shows up don’t click on the OK button.
  4. Now take a note of the file being copied at the time of the error in the copying window.
  5. Now click on “Ok button” on the error and now Copy all the files except the one that you have noted which might be corrupt.
  6. Now the error will not occur again as you are not copying any corrupted photo or video from your Smartphone or camera.

Fix Method 2:

Usually, this error occurs when you are using the MTP or PTP transfer protocols to connect your phone or camera to your computer and when you are copying a corrupted file. This error can also be avoided if you chose the USB storage connection option instead.

I hope you were able to fix this “The library, drive or media pool is empty” error with our tutorial.

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