Fix: Windows Resource Protection could not start the repair service

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If you receive an error message that says Windows Resource Protection could not start the repair service, on the Run sfc /scannow or System File Checker in Windows 11/10, you must read below to find solutions to your problem. This is not something that is not common, however, the fix is also usually easy and works in most cases. Just try the below mentioned steps or methods and you will find an answer to the problem of “Windows Resource Protection could not start the repair service”.

If you are trying to locate or restore the corrupt Windows system files, you might run the utility System File Checker or sfc.exe under the C:\Windows\System32 folder. However, when you face problems with it, it can cost you a lot of time and work delay as the tool will not be able to run or complete its job successfully. Following are the two scenarios that might occur:

  1. System File Checker SFC cannot repair corrupted member file
  2. Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them.

How to Fix Windows Resource Protection cannot start the repair service problem

You can try one of the following to solve this Windows Resource Protection problem.

Method 1: Using Safe Mode

  1. Run System File Checker in Safe Mode
  2. Run System File Checker at Boot Time
  3. Use the DSIM to repair the Windows Component Store
  4. Go to Windows+R> services.msc> Windows Modules Installer
  5. You can also go to TrustedInstaller service instead of Windows Modules Installer
  6. Double Click to see if it starts
  7. Check if the startup type is Manual

Method 2: Using Command Prompt

  1. Go to Windows + R
  2. Type in “cmd” and hit enter.
  3. Now type and Execute “net start trustedinstaller” command like shown in the screenshot above.
  4. Let the service start. If not run the Command prompt window as administrator.
  5. Run System File Checker and see if it works.
  6. If it still does not work, analyze the logs.

Method 3: Fix Corrupted files in Windows Resource Protection

To solve the problem of corrupted files in Windows Resource Protection, please run the DISM Tool or use the Reset This PC option. Also you can try to go to, i.e., roll back to the last properly working state of the system. Another such remedy is uninstall any recently installed software, antivirus or any other application, on your system. Do this one by one, and check each time if your functionality came back. This will ensure that you do not uninstall the non-problematic software applications. That must definitely help you.

Hope we were able to help you. 

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