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Top 5 Tips To Never Die Again In COD Vanguard

COD Vanguard or Call of Duty: Vanguard is one of the most heart-racing FPS games in the industry. Its lower TTK (time-to-kill) makes the game almost impossible to win.

Despite the powerful weapons available for players, COD Vanguard can throw you off your seat when you die recurrently. 

However, some tips can help players never die again in the Call of Duty: Vanguard game. Also, you can visit Battlelog.co for unique tools and hacks to win all Vanguard game modes. Regardless of game mode, these tips can be your best bet to conquer Vanguard.

Let’s see how to never die again in the Call of Duty Vanguard game!  

Top 5 Tips to Stay Alive in Call of Duty Vanguard

1. The campaign is the first to play.

Playing Vanguard’s campaign is the first thing for every player. It helps to warm up the fingers and muscle memory before diving into the main game. Playing the campaign mode first lets you understand the gameplay, mechanics, and strategies to utilize them correctly.

You’re preparing for great success in COD Vanguard by acquainting yourself and exploring the game. While in the campaign mode, you can experiment with different guns from the inventory and develop some tactics you can use in the multiplayer mode.

2. Understand the maps.

Vanguard has numerous maps in different game modes; studying them all isn’t a task for a day or two. However, understanding the maps helps you learn the game layout and structures and even discover key areas with valuables and loot.

Understanding these maps can help you identify danger zones and safe spots in different game modes. Most importantly, map knowledge will help you discover shortcuts when flanking an enemy or reaching a particular location quickly. Also, you’ll find a power position where you can finish off incoming enemies when you study the map. 

3. Play the objectives rather than counting kills.

High kill counts can unlock several killstreaks and perks like Intel, Care Package, Glide Bomb, etc., in Vanguard. However, focusing on the game’s objective in your mode is essential. Although most methods require kills to win, playing the main aim is your best bet to never die in COD Vanguard. 

For instance, in Domination, the objective is to defend and capture zones for 10 seconds. Completing the goal on time takes you to the next, which means you’ll engage in fewer fights and have more health to move on.

4. Take advantage of Killstreaks and Perks.

Killstreaks are like bonuses you receive when you reach a specific kill threshold. They can boost your gameplay and ensure more wins in your games. Some of the killstreaks in COD Vanguard are Intel, Counter Spy Plane, Warmachine, Mortar Barrage, and so on. 

Intel reveals the position of enemies within range by highlighting them on the mini-map. You can unlock this streak with just three kills. Counter Spy Plane requires four kills to call in a spy plane to obscure the mini-map for enemies. 5 Kills will unlock the Mortar Barrage, which selects an area and bombs it through mortars. Some of the killstreaks, such as the Care Package, can also boost your longevity in the game.

Perks like Ghost, Radar, Tracker, Low Profile, and Survival Training can enhance your playstyle and performance throughout the game. They can make you undetectable, immune, damage resistant, and even allow you to track enemy marks. 

5. Don’t leave your team.

Most game modes in Vanguard are multiplayer modes, which implies that winning is easier together than alone. Whether you’re a solo player or like to take advantage of gunfights over your team, stay in contact with them. Stay close, as you may not survive when fighting alone.

Look out for one another, communicate, and devise strategic techniques to defeat enemies. One trick you can adopt is the pinch. Let your team provide cover as you push toward the enemy’s base. Let your teammate approach the enemy while you flank from behind. This trick can be a game-changer.


Call of Duty series, especially Vanguard, is one of the most played action-adventure games in the video gaming community. Even as it’s competitive and hard to survive, more players are flooding in for an extraordinary experience.

Some ways to never die again in COD Vanguard include starting with the campaign mode and understanding the maps. Unlocking killstreaks can reward you with health benefits to keep you through the games. It gives you a clear picture of what’s ahead of you. Also, playing the objectives rather than counting kills can ensure faster wins and less death.

As you explore and engage in combat, don’t leave your team. You don’t want to die again in Call of Duty Vanguard.

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