Find & Delete Duplicate Bookmarks in Google Chrome

Ever been in a situation when you have so many bookmarks of the same thing due to sync issues with Google Chrome browser. I faced the same duplicated bookmarks issue. Here’s how I fixed it and deleted all the duplicate bookmarks ( Hundreds of them ) in a few minutes.

Now my Google Chrome bookmarks are looking neat and organized. Let’s learn how to do that.

How to Delete Duplicate Bookmarks in Chrome

  1. Go to Google Chrome Extension store and search for “Bookmarks clean up” or go to this link directly on your browser.
  2. Click on “Install” to install the bookmark cleaner extension on your chrome browser.
  3. Now click on the icon of the Bookmarks clean up at the top right of the chrome browser window. If it is hidden click on the extension icon and pin the icon.
  4. Now click on the “Find Duplicate Bookmarks” option. This will find all the repeated bookmarks.
  5. Now to remove duplicates from chrome bookmarks click the “Select in same folder” option. This will automatically select only the repeated duplicate bookmarks on the same folder.
  6. Once done click on “Remove all selected”
  7. Now, most of the duplicates will be removed. If you don’t want certain bookmark you can manually delete it altogether by selecting the delete box next to the bookmarks.
  8. That’s it you have deleted duplicated bookmarks on Chrome in a few clicks.

How to remove empty folders in Google Chrome Bookmarks?

Sometimes there will be a lot of unused empty folders in the bookmarks. Open google chrome and Select the “Bookmark Cleaner” Extension and click on the “Remove Empty Folders” option to remove empty folder on your bookmarks”

How to merge Duplicate Folders in Google Chrome Bookmarks?

Sometimes there will be a lot of duplicate folders inside the chrome bookmarks. To delete duplicate folders, Open google chrome and Select the “Bookmark Cleaner” Extension and click on the “Merge Duplicate Folders” option to remove and merge duplicate folders.

That’s it you have cleaned up your bookmarks easily in a few minutes using an extension.

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