How To Fix Chrome Not Syncing Data

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So you have reinstalled chrome and tried to sync the browser settings like bookmarks, passwords, etc, but for some reason, chrome is not syncing anything.

Here is a simple fix.

Fix Chrome Not Syncing Data With Settings

  1. Go to settings
  2. Choose Sync & Google services
  3. Click on Turn Off on the right side of your Google account
  4. Now turn it back on again and choose Manage What you Sync and choose Customize Sync
  5. Turn all the settings to off.
  6. After few minutes turn it back to on.
  7. This will trigger Google to sync your data again.

If it doen’t work then try to turn on and off the sync option if you have already logged into chrome with a different computer.

Hope you were able to fix your Google Chrome sync issue using our tutorial.

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