Greenshot vs Snagit : Pricing, Features Comparision Guide

When it comes to screen capture tools, the market is saturated with options, making it challenging to choose the right one for your needs. Two of the most popular third-party screen capture tools for Windows and macOS are Snagit and Greenshot. While both have similar features and workflow, there are differences in terms of options, user interface, and price.

You can visit Greenshot Official Website here or Visit the Snagit by Techsmith Website here.

This article will provide a detailed comparison between Snagit and Greenshot, helping you determine which software is the best option for you.

Screen Capture Options

Both Snagit and Greenshot have the basic options to capture a screenshot of an app window or the entire screen. However, Snagit offers two features that Greenshot lacks.

First, Snagit has the option to delay the screen capture, meaning you can press the Print Screen button, and the screenshot will be automatically captured after a set amount of time.

Second, Snagit offers the ability to apply visual effects to captured screenshots directly using saved presets. This feature saves time as you do not have to open the image editing panel and apply the effects manually. The presets can include a border around the image, cropping to a preset size, and managing edges.

In addition to these two features, Snagit also allows users to capture text from images using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) seamlessly, whereas Greenshot requires a plugin and add-on from Microsoft to do so.

Screen Recording Options

In terms of screen recording, Snagit is the clear winner as Greenshot does not have this feature. Snagit has a dedicated panel to manage the screen recording options, which includes the ability to record a webcam, system audio, and microphone.

Image Editing Features

For basic image editing, Greenshot is sufficient, but Snagit offers more advanced options. Snagit has more granular control over editing, including the ability to add text, chat bubbles, and create videos from images.

For example, if you want to add a square shape/box highlighting a part of the screenshot, Greenshot allows you to add a box and change its color, thickness, and shadow. However, Snagit offers all of these options and also allows you to change the overall appearance of the box.

Video Editor

While Greenshot does not have a screen recording feature, Snagit comes with a video editing window similar to its image editing panel. This video editor is beginner-friendly and offers basic editing options. The highlight of the video editor is the ability to create a GIF or animated photo using images.

Custom Templates

Snagit outperforms Greenshot in this area as it offers custom templates, which can boost productivity. These templates can be used to create better-looking images with your captured screenshots.

App Integrations

Both Snagit and Greenshot offer app integrations, allowing you to quickly share or upload screenshots to cloud storage or other apps. However, Snagit offers modern app integrations such as Slack, Twitter,, SharePoint, etc., while Greenshot is limited to, Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Microsoft Paint, and other traditional apps.

Learning for Beginners

Both Snagit and Greenshot have many options and features, which may take time for a beginner to learn. However, both companies have detailed manuals to help you get started with capturing screens.

Price Comparison

The deciding factor for many people is the price. Snagit costs around $50, while Greenshot is free and open-source. Greenshot only asks for a fee of $1.99 when you are downloading and using it on a Mac.

There is also Snagit Individual plan and Snagit Business tier plans.

Check out the official Snagit Pricing page here.

Greenshot vs Snagit Comparison Table

Feature Greenshot Snagit
Screenshot capture
Image editing
Video recording
Screen recording
GIF creation
Text capture
Scrolling capture
Webpage capture
One-click upload


In conclusion, Snagit is a more advanced and feature-rich screen capture tool compared to Greenshot, but it also comes at a higher cost. If you are already using Greenshot but need more granular control over the outcome, Snagit is a better option. However, if you are not using either of them, it is recommended to try both before making a decision, as both have a learning curve and detailed manuals to help you get started.

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