How To Install & Setup MadVR in Windows

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MadVR is a DirectShow video renderer used by many enthusiasts in their home theatre setup. This software video renderer provides smooth motion playback even at 60Hz and whole a lot more features.

Setup of MadVR is a little tricky on Windows 7 and Windows 10 as we have to use the Command prompt to install it. Let’s learn how.

How to download and install MadVR

  1. Go to madVR website and click on the downloads page or visit this link to download the latest version of MadVR software.
  2. Now extract the zip file into a folder where you wanted to install the MadVR software. For example D:\MadVRSoftware
  3. Now go to the MadVRSoftware folder and right mouse click on the install.bat file and click run as administrator.
  4. Or use command prompt navigate to the folder of madVR and run the bat file using the command prompt running with admin privileges.
  5. Type “CD /D D:\MadVRSoftware” On command prompt and Press Enter
  6. Then type “install.bat” and Press Enter
  7. Now the MadVr software will be successfully installed.
  8. Now you can use a media player software and setup MadVR as the Video Renderer and play videos at the highest quality on your computer.

madVR is only supported by some media players. So make sure to use them.

I hope you were able to install and setup madVR for your home theatre system. Do let us know in the comments section below.

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