How To Loop (Repeat) Song On Amazon Music

Last Updated on October 3, 2020

Sometimes we wanted to hear a song on repeat. On Amazon Music there is an option to loop the song to play the song again and again until you change to a new song.

We will learn how repeat a single song or repeat all songs using amazon music in this tutorial.

How To Loop or Repeat Song On Amazon Music

  1. Open the Amazon Prime Music website on your browser.
  2. Play the song that you wanted to play on repeat mode.
  3. Then click on the Loop button once on the song toolbar to repeat all songs. And click on it twice to repeat the same song again and again.
  4. This will make the playing song to be played in repeat mode.

How To Loop Song On Amazon Music App

1. Open the Amazon Music App on your android or iOS smartphone.

2. Then play the song that you wanted to repeatedly listen to .

3. Then tap on the loop button twice to play the current song on repeat mode and tap once to play all songs on repeat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Amazon Music App keep repeating the same song?

Amazon Music App will repeat or loop the same song if you have enabled the repeat feature by tapping on the repeat icon. You can disable this by tapping the repeat icon again to switch it off.

Hope you were able to play a music or song in repeat mode on amazon music website or app. Do let us know in the comments below if you found this tutorial helpful.

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