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Last Updated on September 8, 2020

Bolding text on youtube description or comments can be a little difficult as youtube didn’t make it as simple as a text editor.

Let’s learn how to bold the text on youtube comments or Youtube descriptions.

Youtube Text formatting Options

There are many youtube text formatting options both in youtube description as well as in youtube comments. Let’s learn them and how to format youtube texts.

How to Bold Youtube Comments

When you have typed a comment and wanted to bold a part of it. Then you have to put the Asterisks symbol where you wanted the bold to start and end. So if you wanted to bold the word comments then enclose them in asterisks like this *comments*.

Make sure you leave a blank space after the * like above and then the . (dot) to end a paragraph. Or it won’t show up in bold.

How to Italicize youtube Comments

If you would like to make a word or full comments stand out in the comments you can also Italicize it.

To Italicize Youtube Comments, type in underscore before and end of the word or sentence.

So if you wanted to italics the word italics then type it like _italics_ .

Make sure you leave a blank space after the _ like above and then the . (dot) if you wanted to end a paragraph. Or it won’t show up in Italics.

How To StrikeThrough Youtube Comments

When you wanted to leave the old comment but you wanted to revise it you can use the Strikethrough Fortnite on youtube comments.

To strikethrough a text or sentence you have to type hyphens (-) symbol before and after it. So if you wanted to strikethrough the sentence “youtube formatting” you have to type it like -youtube formatting- . Don’t forget to leave a space after the hypen for it to work.

Youtube Formatting FAQ

How to format Youtube Description

You can format your description on youtube to bold, italics, and much more by using simple formatting symbols star *, Hyphen, and Underscore symbols before and after the text you wanted to format.

How to format Youtube comments

You can format comments on youtube as well using the bold , italics and strikeout formatting options avialable.

Hope you were able to use the youtube formatting option while commenting on youtube.

If you got any other problems regarding Youtube do let us know in the comments section below.

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