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NSudo is an Open source System Administration tool developed by M2Team for x86, x86-64, ARM, and ARM64 systems. This program works on the Windows Operating system starting from Windows 7 and later.

Let’s learn how to download, install the NSudo application and how to use it on your Windows computer.

How To Download NSudo

You can download the latest version of NSudo from the official GitHub page URL: https://m2team.github.io/NSudo/en-us/Download.html or you can install it using the command line interface by using any of the methods below.

Sometimes when you download the NSudo Application can be determined by Chrome as malware or virus. But don’t worry it’s not a virus. You can download it from the official store as a zip file to avoid this issue.

How To Install Nsudo Using Chocolatey

If you have Chocolatey installed you can use the following command to install Nsudo

choco install nsudo

Install Nsudo Using Scoop

Use the following command if you have scoop command.

scoop bucket add extras 
scoop install nsudo

How to Install NSudo Launcher GUI Tool

Follow the below steps to install the NSudo GUI-based application Launcher using the NSudo Launcher Installer that you can download here.

1. Right-click on the NSudo Launcher Installer file and Select the Run as Administrator option.

NSudo Application Installer

2. Select the folder location where you wanted to install the NSudo application.

NSudo Launcher AIO installer Select folder

3. Choose whether you wanted the Enhanced .Json File if you wanted to manage the parameters of the application yourself using the json file.

NSUDO json option
NSUDO Start Menu Shortcut Windows

4. Choose the option if you wanted to add a Context Menu option to running NSudo for Certain types of files and then select the Environment Variable path preference.

5. Make sure you Enter Yes to add NSudo Uninstall Support Option at the very end. Now your Nsudo Applicaiton will be installed.

How to launch and Run Programs in NSudo Command Line

1. After you download the NSudo program zip file, unzip the file and go to a particular CPU Architecture folder based on your system. If you are using x86 go to the 32-bit folder and if you are using a 64-bit system like ARM64 you can use the 64 Bit application.

2. Run the NSudo.exe file located inside the folder.

Now a command line will open. You can use the following command structure to run programs with full privileges in Windows system.

Format: NSudo [ Options and parameters ] Command line or ShortCut Command

For example, if you want to run the command prompt with TrustedInstaller with all privileges enabled with default Integrity Level you can run the following command.

NSudo -U:T -P:E cmd

Nested quotes are supported in all versions above NSudo 5.0.1708.16 so you can use a command like this.

NSudo -U:T cmd /c “dir “C:\Program” & pause”

How to Run Windows Programs with Full privileges using M2-Team Naudo Launcher 8.0

If you are using the GUI version then follow the below steps to run any program on the Windows Operating system with full privileges.

1. You can select the User option from Current User, Current Process, System, or TrustedInstaller.

NSudo Launcher 8 User Settings

2. After that you can Select the Program you wanted to open from the drop down menu or by using the browser option to open any program you want.

3. After that enable the “All Privileges” option, if you would like to run the program with the Full privileges and click on the Run button.

Run Application with NSudo All Privileges

Using Shortcuts on NSudo Tool

You can edit the NSudo.json file located inside the exe folder to customize the shortcuts when working with NSudo based on your preference.

If this software helped you and it’s very valuable to you, you can donate to the software developer here on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/MouriNaruto

NSUDO program FAQs

Getting NSudo_8.0_All_Co..Zip is dangerous, So Chrome has Blocked it Error

Chrome will block executable downloads, so you can try downloading the NSudo Bash Install Script instead from here. And right-click and run the program as an administrator to install it.

Is NSudo a virus?

No, Nsudo.exe is not a virus. When you download the Nsudo.exe file it will be marked as malware or virus by Chrome. So download the zip version instead.

I hope you liked our NSudo Software review and tutorial. Do leave your comments below if it was helpful.

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  • h.herman Sep 13, 2021 @ 15:46

    Excellent, detailed tutorial on a rather specialized program which, no doubt, should be better known. The author has made a mistake, I believe though in requesting a subscription instead of a one off donation for support. All the same, we should be grateful for his useful and interesting work.

    • Gowtham V Jul 9, 2022 @ 11:22

      Yes NSudo is a unknown software for most people but very helpful indeed.

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