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PS5 Error Code CE-105799-1 / CE-113212-0 ‘Unable to connect to the server’ [Fix]

As the Sony Playstation5 (PS5) is a new console during the initial release many people are getting the ‘Something went wrong’ error for various reasons. One of them is a Download failed error with an Error Code CE-105799-1 or CE-113212-0.

This Error Code CE-105799-1 or CE-113212-0 error appears when there is a problem with the connection to the server. This usually occurs when playing or updating PS5 games like Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Demon’s Souls remastered, COD Black Ops Cold War, and Godfall. Let’s learn how to fix it.

How To Fix PS5 Error Code CE-105799-1 / CE-113212-0 ‘Unable to connect to the server’

In order to fix the Download failed error code CE-105799-1 or CE-113212-0 on your PS5 follow the below methods one by one until your issue is fixed.

Method 1: Check PlayStation Network Status

Check the PlayStation Network status on the official website here to check the status of the Playstation servers. If there is any downtime then wait till the issue is fixed and try again.

Method 2: Test Internet Connection and Reset It

Turn OFF Wifi on PS5 and turn it back on again and check the connection is working properly.

If you are connected via ethernet then make sure the ethernet connection is plugged in properly. Or unplug and replug your ethernet connection and try again.

Method 3: Reset your PS5 Console

To fix the CE-105799-1 or CE-113212-0 error code on PS5, do a PS5 Reset with the following steps

  1. On the PS5 console start page, go to the Settings options.
  2. Then Choose the System option >> System Software.
  3. Now choose the Reset Option.
  4. Then choose the Reset Your Console option >> Select Reset to start reset of your PS5 Console

Now your PS5 console will be reset to factory default settings.

Method 4: Restart your PS5

On the PS5 console, this CE-105799-1 or CE-113212-0 error can be fixed with a simple restart of your PS5 console

I hope you were able to fix the CE-105799-1 or CE-113212-0 Error code on your PS5. Another error that occurs is the PS5 Error Code CE-108862-5 which can be fixed with the same steps.

Do let us know your valuable comments below if you are still facing any Sony PlayStation 5 issues. We will try to help you out.

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