How to Setup Parental Controls on Amazon prime Video

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Do you have kids who you amazon prime and you want to setup parental control to make sure your kids don’t watch stuff without your overview. Then the amazon prime video parental controls settings will help you with this.

Setting up amazon prime video parental controls can be very helpful. After you set up this your kids won’t be able to access amazon prime without using a passcode. Let’s learn how you can do this step by step.

How to Enable Parental Controls on Amazon prime Video

1. Go to amazon prime video website and login with your amazon account.

2. Click on the profile icon at the top right of the website and choose the Accounts & Settings option.

3. You will see a list of options at the top. In that select Parental Controls settings.

4. Here you will see an option to enter pin. Enter a 5 digit pin number and take a note of it somewhere and click on the Save button. Now the Parental Controls is enabled on your prime account.

Amazon prime video Parental Controls

5. Now you have to set up the age restriction based on the video ratings. If you have chosen to enable restrictions for all videos you must enter the pin to watch every video.

Amazon prime video Parental Age Restrictions

6. Now if you enable the “All option” like in the above screenshot, you will have to enter the pin every time you watch videos on prime video. So make the pin easy to remember and enter but not so guessable by your children.

7. There will be 4 other options like 7+ for kids, 13+ for Teens, 16+ for Young Adults, and 18+ for Adults. Choose your option based on your kid’s age or your preference.

8. You will also have option to apply the viewing option to logged-in devices shown below on the page. You can select which devices you want to apply those video viewing restrictions separately like in the screenshot below.

Amazon prime video Viewing Restrictions devices

Kindly note that these Viewing restrictions apply only on devices like smartphones and computers. On Fire TV and Xbox, you have to log in with those devices and set up the parental controls restrictions there as well.

Now, whenever your kids try to watch an age-restricted video above the selected age, the website will ask for a pin code before proceeding.

Hope you were able to successfully enable the age restriction parental controls on your amazon prime video account. Do let us know in the comments below.

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