How To Tag Someone On Facebook

Last Updated on October 16, 2020

Tagging a friend on a Photo or a post is the best way to start a conversation. You can tag someone inside a facebook post in your timeline or inside a comment of someone else’s post and also tag faces in a photo.

Let’s learn how tag your friends on a Facebook post.

How To Tag Someone on Facebook post

Open your browser and login to

On the top of the facebook timeline, it will show the What’s on your mind option where you can type to create facebook post.

When you are writing your facebook post click on the Tag friends icon as shown below to see a list of friends which you can search and tag.

In this window start typing their name and a list of friends with the same name will popup down.

Now select the friend who you want to tag on your facebook post.

Or You can also use @ symbol and start typing their name to add them to the post like in the screenshot below.

Now click on the Post button to create the Facebook post.

Now a notification will be sent to your friend regarding your post as they are tagged in that post.

How to Tag Someone on Facebook on Comments.

In the comments where you wanted to tag someone, use the @ symbol and start typing the name and choose the name from the dropdown box.

I hope you were able to tag someone on Facebook using our tutorial. Do let us know your valuable comments below if you face any issues with the Facebook tagging system.

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