How To Transfer Files between Android phone & macOS

Today I was trying to copy some files from my MacBook which i have downloaded online to my android phone. Then i realised that even after enabling the file transfer option on my phone the phone storage was not showing up on the File explorer on my MacBook Pro.

By default, you cannot transfer files or view files on your android device on your MacBook. Let’s see the solution that I found to transfer files between my mac and Android phone.

How To Do File Transfer between Android phone & macOS

To transfer files between your android phone and your macbook you have to use a special program named Android file transfer.

1. Firstly, you have to download the Android file transfer program from here.

2. After downloading the Androidfiletransfer.dmg file, open it and drag and drop it on to the application folder to install it on your mac. Now after it’s copied open the application your mac.

3. Now connect your android phone using the usb cable. And select File transfer option on the USB option on your phone.

4. Now it will show the files from your android device memory.

5. You can drag-and-drop files from your MacBook to android device.

6. Now the files will be copied and you will see a progress bar. You can also transfer files between android phone to MacBook by dragging and dropping from your android device to your mac storage.

I hope you were able to transfer files between storage of your mac and your android phone with the help of your tutorial. Also, don’t forget to comment below if you are facing any issues.

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