How To Troubleshoot Roku Not Working: 6 Methods

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Roku, the world’s most well-known name, offers plenty of streaming sticks, streaming boxes, smart TVs, and soundbars. But, some users have noticed that their Roku device stops working or is not working as fast as it should be. There could be multiple causes behind Roku not working.

What do you do when Roku is frozen or not connecting to the network? What if Roku audio stops playing, and the video quality is bad? How would you see the Roku content when your device is not turning on? Don’t worry; we have enlisted the best troubleshooting methods to ensure smooth Roku performance.

Update Roku Software

Just like updating the computer OS for its proper functioning, regular Roku software update is essential. When restarting your device doesn’t help, software may be the cause. Even though Roku updates automatically in the background, it’s good to check for the pending OS update.

Click the Home button on the remote. Follow on-screen instructions to update the device. If you are updating Roku on a Mac, plug in the charger so that the update won’t interrupt. If your macbook pro won’t turn on but is charging, the problem is with the screen. 

Restart Roku Device

You should try restarting your device whenever you encounter any Roku problems. Start the process by scrolling up or down and then choose the Settings option. Now, select System and click Power. In some devices, the Power option is not available instead, you will see System restart. So, select this option.

Use the directional pad of your remote to highlight the Restart button and tap OK. When your device gets frozen, restart with the remote. Tap the Home button 5 times. Tap the Up and Rewind arrows once and twice, respectively. Click Fast Forward twice, and after some seconds, the device gets restarted.

Avoid Device Overheating

When you place your Roku device on the top of another device or in a congested space, it can overheat. When your device is overheating, you will get an on-screen warning. If your Roku device has an LED light, it will turn bright red on overheating.

Immediately shut down your device and unplug it when you get an overheating warning or see an LED light. Wait for at least 10 minutes, and then plug your device again and power it ON. If you still notice the issue, turn off the device again and disconnect it. Contact the Roku support team for the best solutions.

Check Internet Connectivity

Internet problems may also cause Roku not to work properly. Try connecting to another device using the same network. If they don’t function, the problem is internet connection. To check internet connectivity from your Roku device, head to Settings > Network. Choose ‘Check the connection’.

In the About section, you must notice Good, Fair, Poor, or Excellent indicators. Improve your connections if you see poor or fair connections. If your device has an Ethernet port, connect to the internet to find out if the issue is in Wi-Fi. Try repositioning Roku or resetting your router.

Factory Reset Your Device

When all of the above-mentioned troubleshooting tips don’t fix the issue, try to factory reset your Roku device. This trick will bring your device to its original state. Use this method as the last option because it will remove all the channel downloads, settings, network information, and preferences.

To factory reset your device, tap the Home button on your remote and scroll up or down to choose Settings. Select the System option and then Advanced System Settings. Choose Factory Reset, and then click Factory Reset Everything. Now, follow the on-screen instructions.

Reset Roku Device

When your Roku device is completely frozen and is not responding to your remote functions, you need to factory reset alternatively. Here, the above method doesn’t work. Instead, you have to press the physical Reset button.

You will see these buttons as small buttons labeled Reset on Roku Streaming Stick and Stick+ 4K. Roku Ultra has recessed holes. To press it, you’ll require a paperclip. Be sure your device is turned on (lit white LED indicator). Tap the button for 10 seconds until reset is done. Now, you’ll see a setup/welcome screen.

Final Words

This is all how you can solve the Roku problems easily when it stops working. Most common Roku problems can be resolved by restarting and updating the Roku device. Use factory reset as the last method if you don’t want settings to be changed.

Sometimes, the problem is with the Roku remote controls. Before finding the issue, determine which type of remote you have, for example, a Roku simple remote or a Roku voice remote. Try removing and replacing the batteries and then restart Roku and remote. If it doesn’t work, re-pair the Roku voice remote.

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