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How To Turn Off Origin In-Game Overlay

EA’s Origin game client is widely used by many gamers and has a lot of features. Origin is available for both Windows and macOS operating systems so you can play your favorite EA games like FIFA on your preferred operating system.

One of the features is Origin In-Game. When you install Origin Client on your computer, the In-Game overlay settings might be enabled by default. Let’s learn how to turn off Origin In-Game in this tutorial

Origin In-Game allows you to access Origin Chat, Friends list, and more. It can be accessed when you playing an Origin game by pressing the Shift + F1 key.

How to find out whether Origin In-Game Overlay is enabled?

When you are playing a game just press the Shift + F1 button together to launch the Origin In-Game overlay. If it shows up then Origin In-Game Overlay is enabled on your computer.

How To Disable Origin In-Game Overlay

1. Open Origin application on your computer. Login to your account if you have already registered or if you don’t have an account create an account.

2. Hover your mouse over your Profile icon and the options menu will popup up. Now Click on the Application Settings options as shown in the screenshot below.

3. Now choose the Origin In-Game option at the top and toggle off the Enable Origin In-Game button.

Once the toggle is disabled the changes will be saved automatically. Now the In-Game feature will be disabled when you are playing games and when you press the Shift + F1 button the overlay won’t show up anymore.

I hope you liked our tutorial and were able to turn off the In-Game features on your Origin client.

Also, let us know in the comments below which origin game you like the most and if you are facing any other problems related to the Origin Client.

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