How to Turn on Dark Mode on Reddit

We all use Reddit during the night time and we end up hurting our eyes with bright light from the screen. Turning on reddit dark mode will make it easier on our eyes during night time reading.

Let’s learn how to turn on night mode on Reddit website and mobile app with our tutorial below.

How To Turn On Dark Mode on Reddit Website

To change to dark mode on Reddit website, do the following

1. Open the website on your browser.

2. Then click on your Profile icon on the top right of the website.

3. Now click on the “Night Mode” toggle button to enable the Reddit dark mode like in the screenshot above.

4. The Reddit Night mode will be enabled on the website.

How To Turn On Dark Mode on Reddit Mobile App

1. Open the Reddit mobile app on your smartphone.

2. Sign in your reddit account and click on the profile icon on the top left and tap on the settings option at the bottom.

3. Now scroll down on the settings option to find the dark mode settings.

4. You can enable Auto Dark mode option and turn on your OS dark mode settings.

5. Or turn off auto dark mode and then tap on the Dark mode toggle to turn it on manually as shown below.

6. Now the dark mode will be enabled by default on the reddit app all the time.

Hope you were able to enable dark mode on reddit website and app. Also let us know if you are facing any reddit issues with dark mode in the comments section below.

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