How to Type Cent Symbol In Windows, Mac, Smartphones

In order to type the Cent Symbol ¢ on your computer or smartphones, there is no one single method. You must know how to do this on each of the devices as they are different. Let’s see one by one.

How To Type Cent Symbol In Windows Computer

On Windows Computers, on most of the applications, you can use Alt Codes.
Open the word document or any other application.

Step 1: Place the cursor on the place where you wanted to insert the Cent symbol.

Step 2: Now press the Alt Key and hold it and type the number “0162” and release the ALT key to type the Cent Symbol ¢.

How to type Cent Symbol in Mac

If you wanted to insert the Cent symbol On your macOS device follow the below steps.

  1. Go to the place where to want to enter the Cent symbol.
  2. Now hold down the Option or Alt key and press the Number 4 ($) button.
  3. That’s it, your cent symbol will be inserted in the place where the cursor is located.

How to type a Cent Symbol in Android

1. On your android phone and click on where you wanted to insert the cent symbol to open the keyboard. Now go to the number layout by pressing on the 123 if you are using the swift keyboard app.

2. Now hold down the dollar symbol ($) key for a few seconds. A list of symbols including the cent symbol will be shown. Click on it to insert it.

How to type a Cent Symbol in iPhone

On your iPhone, open the keyboard when you wanted to insert the cent symbol and navigate to the numbers pad click on the $ dollar symbol. It will show a list of characters to choose from. Click on the ¢ symbol to insert it.

How To Type cent symbol in Chrome

Go to Insert and choose Special characters and search for “Cent”. The symbol will be shown. Click on it to select it and insert it where you wanted.

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