Use Speedy Password to Create, Encrypt & Manage Passwords

Last Updated on October 13, 2020

With increasing usage of online services we signup for many websites on a daily basis and we need strong passwords to keep our accounts protected. So with the help of Speedy password we can do just that.

Speedy password provides a chrome extension where you can create, manage and ecrypt your passwords.

Update: Speedy password original site is now offline and not supported by the publisher. So the software is not updated so use it carefully.

How To Use Speedy password

  1. Download the Speedy password from this site.
  2. Then install it on your Windows Computer.
  3. Click on the Speedy password app and open it once installed.
  4. Now click on Get Started Now and proceed with the setup process.
  5. Enter a Master password to secure use of Speedy password application on your computer.
  6. Now click on Create password to create a password for a specific site. This password will be saved on Speedy Password which you can access whenever you wanted to login to that website.
  7. You can also import old password into Speedy Password to manager all your website login details in a single app.

I hope you were able to install and use Speedy password without any problem.

Do let us know in the comments section below if you face any issue while using Speedy password.

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