Enable VLC Dark Theme, Night mode Desktop, Android, iOS

Windows 10 and macOS both have native night mode or dark theme support throughout the system. So if you like to use the dark mode you can also enable dark mode on your favorite VLC player as well. Here’s how you can do that.

VLC media player doesn’t come with dark skin or a dark theme out of the box. We have to activate it. Let’s learn how to enable the VLC dark mode that on your Windows 10 desktop, macOS, Android, and iOS operations systems.

Enable Dark Theme on VLC Android App

1. Open the VLC media player android app on your smartphone.

2. Click on the Menu icon on the top left corner on the VLC android app and choose the settings option.

3. Now Click on the interface option under Extra Settings.

4. Then Click on the DayNight Mode option.

5. Now you can choose between 4 interface options such as

Follow System mode , Daynight mode, Light Theme and Black theme.

6. Choose black theme to enable dark mode on your VLC android app. You can also set to Follow System mode which will change theme automatically based on the system light or dark mode on android settings.

I hope you liked our tutorial and you were able to enable dark mode on VLC. Also share this article and leave your comments below.

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