Your profile privileges do not allow you to play Multiplayer Games Fallout 76

I recently bought the Xbox Game Pass to try out some games like Fallout 76. But after I downloaded the game and started the game. The Xbox linked my Xbox profile to the game and shows an error “your profile privileges do not allow you to play multiplayer games”. So for now i am not able to play Fallout 76.

How to fix Your profile privileges do not allow you to play Multiplayer

Close the Fallout Game and run it again

Now I closed the whole game fully and quit XBOX app and then started the game again hoping it would work. Now it din’t show the error meessage again.

Change Game Folder of FallOut76

If it din’t work try changing the game folder drive and run the game again.Here is how to do it

  1. Open the File Explorer application on your Windows Computer
  2. Open the game drive on your computer where the game is installed
  3. Now select the game folder and use the Ctrl + X to cut the game folder.
  4. Then go to a new drive and paste the game folder using the Ctrl + V button.

After doing the above when i started the game Now i was shown the Create Account box. And after that the game started working.

If this error occurs on your fallout game you can rectify this easily as i did.

Hope you were able to fix the Cannot play multiplayer on Xbox game pass issue with our tutorial. Do share and leave your valuable comments below.

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