How To Timestamp a YouTube Video

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Sometimes when you want to reference a particular time on the Youtube video on your comments you can use this Timestamp feature so that any people reading the comment can go to that particular time of the video by clicking on your YouTube timestamp link. Let’s learn how you can do this.

How to Time Stamp YouTube Video in Comments

  1. Watch the video till the time where you wanted to timestamp and type in the exact minutes and seconds in the format displayed in the video timeline.
  2. Press enter and the time will be automatically converted into a timestamp with a link exactly to the location of the time that you were watching.
  3. Now your youtube timestamp is added to the youtube comments section. When a person clicks on it they will be taken exactly to that timestamp you have created.

Hope you were able to timestamp a Youtube video in your comments. Do let us know in the comments if it was helpful.

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