How To Take A Screenshot On Apple iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus

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How to take screenshot on iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus 

Apple iPhone 6 plus Screenshot
Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are the largest screen phone ever launched by Apple. Apple iPhone 6 is now released and the iPhone 6 pre-orders have set a new record of 40 million phones pre-ordered .It comes with a larger 4.7 inches Retina HD screen with an upgraded A8 processor.The rear camera provides the same 8 megapixels like the old generation but with better auto focus.It has managed to make the A8 even faster than the already speedy A7, but the improvement is more modest than the jump from the A6 to the A7. Apple has added dedicated “focus pixels” to the camera, which means speedier and better auto focus for both photos and video.

Taking a screen capture or print screen on iPhone is easy.
Taking a screenshot on your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus is very easy and it takes just a few steps like mentioned below.

How To Screenshot On iPhone 6 , iPhone 6 Plus 

Follow the below steps to take iphone screenshot

Step 1 :  Navigate to the iOS application screen that you want to capture , it can also be the home screen of your iPhone.

Step  2 : Press the power button which is on the right-hand side of the phone and the home button simultaneously for a few seconds and leave it at the same time.

Step 3 : You will hear a camera shutter sound which indicates that the screenshot image has been captured.

Step 4 : The captured image will be saved in your photos app in the screenshots folder. You can view it and share it with your friends or on social media right from the photos app .

Hope the tutorial was easy and useful to take a screenshot on your iPhone 6 plus.

This tutorial can also be used for Taking screenshots on iPhone 6s , iPhone 6s Plus and other iPhones.

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 If you got any problems, let us know in comments we will help you out.

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  • Vincent Bitetti Oct 29, 2015 @ 7:49

    It was 100% easier with 5 down models. Pressing the power button ON TOP with home button was easy. Now that power is on the right side, I often get the Ringer Box in the shot. If you know what I mean -/ the left inside of your left hand causes this as you grip the phone.
    Don’t know what happens if you are left handed…

    • admin Nov 11, 2015 @ 7:59

      Yeah it was much easier with previous models like iphone 5s where the power button was above.

  • jan Nov 8, 2015 @ 5:04

    Thanks for the tip. Wanted to mention that the video and text instructions contradict – tap versus hold for a few seconds… one takes a screenshot, the other shuts down your device.

    • admin Nov 11, 2015 @ 7:58

      Thanks.Yes if you hold the power and home button for few seconds it will take screenshot. I have updated the post to mention which one is the right one

    • colleen Feb 11, 2016 @ 20:37

      THANK YOU! I kept turning my phone off.

  • Christine Jan 16, 2018 @ 8:43

    Did not work for me.

    • Gowthamv Apr 11, 2018 @ 14:34

      Remember to press the Power and home bottom at the same time once and leave it. Don’t hold it long time. Just click both the bottoms once at the same time and leave it.

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