How To Take A Screenshot On Asus Zenphone 5z

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How to take screenshot on Asus Zenphone 5z 

The new Asus zenphone 5z is set to launch in many countries soon. It comes with a notch similar to that of the iPhone X but even smaller and comes at a midrange smartphone price. If you like midrange flagship android smartphones such as the Oneplus 6 you would also like this phone.

How to take screenshot on Asus Zenphone 5z 

With the release of the new Zenphone 5z with a smaller notch then the iphone x , Asus is creating a competition for the Oneplus 6 and  iPhoneX

For Taking screenshot on your Asus Zenphone 5z follow any of the two methods available.

Method 1 : Zenphone 5z Hardware Buttons 

Follow the steps below to take a screenshot on your zenphone

Step 1 : Navigate to the app screen you wanted to take a screenshot of on your zenphone 5z.

Step 2 : Then when you are ready Press and hold the Power button and Volume Down button for a second until you see a notification that a screenshot is taken.

Step 3 : The screenshot will be saved in your photos app

Method 2 : Using the Google Assistant 

Google Assistant is available on the Zenphone smartphones. Using it to take a screenshot is one of the easy ways.

Step 1: Once you are ready to take a screenshot say the “Ok Google” Voice command or Click and hold the home button option .

Step 2: The google assistant will show up on your screen. Say ” Take screenshot ” or give a text input for the same.

Step 3 : The screenshot will be taken by the assistant and will be saved on the screenshot gallery in your photos app.

 About Zenphone 5z :

Zenphone 5z 2018 is being launched by Asus in many countries and the latest release to be in july 4th in india. It has a 6.2 inches screen along with an iphone X like notch at the top which makes it an impressive 83.6% screen-to-body ratio smartphone just like the Asus zenphone 5.
It will be launched this month on April. It comes with Android Oreo Operation system and a Dual 12 MP and 8 MP Camera option along with a 3300 mAh battery which  can make it last through out a day.
The phone is going against midrange flagships such as the Oneplus 6.

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