How To Take A Screenshot On Screenshot on Blackberry Q10

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How to take a screenshot/what key to press to take screenshot/why I can’t take screenshot Blackberry Q10

Blackberry Q10

How to take a screenshot on Blackberry Q10:

Step 1: Go to the screen which you want to capture.

Step 2:  Press volume up & volume Down buttons simultaneously.

Step 3: You will hear a camera shutter sound or you will receive a notification indicating that the image has been captured.

Step 4: The captured image will be saved in your camera folder. The image can be shared in any social media networks.Screenshot in Blackberry q10

About Phone

Blackberry Q10 comes with QWERTY keypad providing a rear camera with 8 megapixel and front camera with 2 megapixels.It runs on BlackBerry OS 10.Let us see how the screenshot is taken on BlackBerry OS 10.

Hope this tutorial was useful and u were able to take a screenshot/ screencapture on your Blackberry Q10. If you have any queries, let us know in comments.

If you cannot figure it out with this quick tutorial.Read the ultimate guide on how to take a screenshot on blackBerry
Hope this post was helpful.

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