How To Take A Screenshot On Chromebook

How to take a screenshot on Chromebookchromebook

Chromebook which runs Chrome OS is a budget friendly device from google.Taking screenshot is just a few steps. Google Chromebook’s from HP, Samsung, Acer are well built and come with the best pricing for all customers.

Here is a Complete Guide on how to take screenshot on Acer , Samsung , Asus , HP chromebook’s.

Learn How to take screenshot on Chromebook :

1.  To take a screen of the entire screen click ‘Ctrl’ and ‘Window Switcher’ keys at the same.

2. To take a screenshot of a specific area of the screen click on the  Ctrl , Shift  and Window Switcher  keys at the same time.

3. The screen will flash notifying that the screen has been captured.

4. Open the Chrome OS file manager  by clicking on the notification.


About Google Chromebook :

Chromebook runs on Chrome OS which is chrome browser with online apps support. It doesn’t support offline apps like photoshop. But for people who only use web based apps chromebooks are a great choice due to their low cost.

Hope this tutorial was useful in taking a screenshot on your Chromebook.

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  1. The directions are simple on chromebooks, but a small, icon pic of the “window switcher” key would have been helpful. I’m familiar with the key, but didn’t know what it was called. So there was a little guesswork involved, even after reading the simple directions.

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