How To Take A Screenshot On Nvidia Shield Tablet

How to take screenshot in Nvidia Shield Tablet

Nvidia Shield Tablet which has been recently released by Nvidia has an 8-inch screen with its latest NVIDIA® Tegra® K1 mobile processor offers several Nvidia Technologies with curated collection of around 180 shield optimized games that can be launched from the shield Hub with a new app called Tegra Zone. This shield Hub also converts into a big-screen TV mode called  Nvidia Console Mode by which gamers can play the game on their tv when the Tablet is connected to a TV via HDMI.Much like Steam’s Big Picture or what Android TV will eventually do is displayed on your Television.Sometimes you might want to take a screenshot of your game scores to share it with your friends. Here is how

How to take a screenshot on Nvidia Shield Tablet

Method 1: Using NVIDIA Lasso Capture

NVIDIA Lasso Capture you can take screenshots quickly on any screen you are on and also annotate and share it

For learning more about how to use it read  How to Use NVIDIA Lasso Capture

Method 2: Using android screenshot method
Step 1: Navigate to the Game scoreboard or screen which you want to take a screenshot.
Step 2: Press the Volume Down Key and Power Key Simultaneously on your tablet.
Step 3: Hold the two keys for a while till you hear a screen snapshot notification.
Step 4: To view the screenshots, Goto, the Gallery app and to the screenshot folder. From there you can see your screen capture and you can share it directly with your friends using the share options available on Android Kitkat.
Hope you were able to take a screenshot on your Nvidia Tablet with this tutorial. Let us know in comments if you got any problems and your opinion on your tablet and our tutorials.Thanks

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